So I guess it really does depend on which order you read the blogs as to their relevance, or what you pick up from each. In essence, when teaching, both Tamsin and I believe that you will work closely, not just with each other but the pupils. I think this is particularly relevant for massage. Because you are working with people you inherently need to gain an understanding for them, in order to identify areas to which you can relate. That is important for you as students, not just us as tutors, hence introducing ourselves, I guess.

As a tutor I have always asked students to introduce themselves, asking their name, something about where they come from, why they’re on the course and their experience with sports massage, but also what they’re hoping to achieve. All basic questions but they give you a really sound starting place. I will then always answer the same questions so here goes…

So, I’m Charlotte. First step easy.

Something about me… a little harder perhaps. I grew up outside Bath, played sport, studied, did pretty well, went to uni, dropped out, reassessed, and then started a sports science degree at Bath University. I suppose if nothing else, this taught me to not be afraid to change my mind, something that has seen me well over the years. Throughout I have been involved in sport, particularly equestrian sport, which is what I still do today, but also netball and athletics, although with my dad we have done our fair bit of rugby and cricket following along the way… With regards the horses I have managed to collect far too many, which I am so lucky to be able to keep on my husbands farm, but also create a career for myself that offers me the flexibility to train and compete.

Why am I on the course and what is my experience in massage? An interesting question for a tutor, and I guess this links to why I’m qualified! So, having started my second degree I once again found myself looking for extra things to do. We learnt so much amazing theory, but I wanted to do something with it and that’s where I met Tamsin. The University offered a sports massage course, so I gainfully employed myself in this. Tamsin taught me a huge amount and gave me the confidence to go and get myself a massage placement at Bristol Rugby, which I did part time for nearly a year… for free! Best experience I could have had! Alongside this I started treating friends and building my private business.

After completing my degree and needing some employment I started working in a clinic, not so much my bag, and therefore I continued to build my freelance work, which I love to this day as I get to work with so many interesting and different types of people, not just horsey or sports related. When a teaching vacancy came up I, along with Tamsin’s backing, decided that I should apply, which I did. My first ever teach was in my interview and I managed to get the job! Quick panic to get myself qualified and off I went! So I have to date been massaging for ten years and teaching four, all because I just took opportunities and changed my mind a bit, seems to be working so far!

So that brings me on to the next question; what am I hoping to achieve? Well now I am looking to continue massaging while developing the School of Sports Massage with Tamsin. That’s what it’s been about for a while now. I love teaching but think it should be both accessible and give more support and confidence to students, something that we have spent a lot of time working to achieve; hence the foundation of the School of Sports Massage!

Hopefully that tells you a little bit about my journey through the industry and how I joined up with Tamsin to get us here. If we can impart just a little of our love for the industry, then I think we will have done a good job. If you want to know anything else about me and my journey then please do ask, hopefully I can answer!


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