Our long journey is coming to the end of phase one and we are very excited and looking forward to phase two.  If you haven’t read it already, Charlotte wrote a blog on the start of this journey, starting a new business. Charlotte wrote this sat on the sofa with a glass of wine. As its only 11.30am I’m sat at the kitchen table with a cup of tea! (the wine will come later) I thought I would sit and write the sequel to Charlotte’s blog and bring you up to date. Including cover a major mile stone, becoming an approved Active IQ centre.

Did I say we’re approved!

Over excited about being approved

Jumping to the end of this phase as its so exciting for us and as the tittle suggests we’re approved! Okay what does that mean? We are now officially allowed to deliver the Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy and the Active IQ Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy.

Taking a step back

Excitement over let’s take a step back. Charlotte talked about the beginning, all the new skills we had to learn and all the problem solving we had to do. Once we had created all the footage, voice overs and power points we had to edit it and find somewhere to host it. So we have decided to make all our videos available publicly and they can all be found on YouTube. Feel free to go over to our channel and have a look at the videos uploaded so far. We created masses more material for the course, but felt the videos would be interesting and helpful to people in all sorts of ways.

We then needed an eLearning platform to host everything and chose Moodle. Everything we have created can be accessed on Moodle a fantastic free source platform. Platforms and technology out of the way time for some of the nitty gritty.

Time for the paperwork

Then there was a lot of what I would consider the boring elements after the fun of filming and voice overs, next came the paperwork. I’m so glad we work on computers! We have had to create all sorts of policies, procedures, documents and forms. These are all really important to ensure a hassle free, fair and a fun learning environment, which is important to us. All this paperwork also means we can be approved to deliver accredited nationally recognised sports massage qualification. We’re approved, did I mention that!

It’s official we’re approved

Becoming an approved Active IQ centre

With nearly everything in place, before we could move on we had to get approval to deliver the qualifications we have spent nearly 3 years building material. This was the crunch no approval, no course delivery, no School of Sports Massage. With everything in place from a policy point of view we contacted Active IQ and after sending them lots of paperwork and evidence plus the online meetings we’re an approved Active IQ centre.

Phase two of our journey begins

We are really excited about this, so surely this is the end of our journey. No, it’s just the end of the first phase and phase two is here. It’s the fine tuning and delivering our first course and this includes testing our course. You can only test it so much yourself. So we have decided to run our first course at half price! Is there is a catch to the half price course? You bet. As we are testing it we will need your feedback, on every single element. You will need to tell us about everything from signing up to receiving your certificate.  To be continued.