Practice in a real life clinical setting

One of the advantages of studying with us is our use of a professional treatment clinic for all our get together. Firstly, classes are kept small. Secondly it gives you experience in a professional environment. Thirdly, it enables you to practice on actual real clients (when you are ready of course!).

Access to treatment rooms gives you many advantages. You will know what to do to prepare for treatments. You will learn required etiquette when with your clients. And you will learn how to keep your room sanitized and your clients safe.

Training in a professional environment prepares you for your future. It enables you to understand the importance of a professional attitude, appearance and environment and provides you with an advantage when starting your own practice.

Real life experience

Real life experience

Access to the treatment clinic proves a real help to getting comfortable and established in the sports massage environment. It gives you an understanding of how they work and what you need to look for in your own clinic.

You will benefit from working in a private environment with your training client, just as you will be after you graduate. All the while knowing we have got your back every step of the way.

Treatment room at Body Matters clinic

Treatment rooms

Having access to treatment rooms allows you to get a feel for the sort of environments you are likely to encounter during your sports massage career. It demonstrates what you will want and need from a treatment room and also what you should come to expect.

It not only enables us to teach you to massage but also to show you how to successfully equip, set up and clean down your working environment.

Charlotte demonstrating muscles

Small groups

We keep our student numbers to only 4 people per course. Meaning that firstly, you have plenty of space to work and secondly, you get plenty of time with your tutors.

More time with your tutors is a big benefit to learning first class sports massage. We will have far greater time to work with you as an individual and more time to answer your questions.

Finally, more space per student makes watching demonstrations far easier and leads to a less confined learning environment.

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