We get asked a lot of questions about our sports massage courses so I decided to do a quick did you know blog about our massage courses as there is so much to know. A bit like FAQs, hopefully I will answer all your questions but if not we are always on hand to answer any questions.

Didn’t knows about the massage course.

We have a huge amount of material online for our sports massage courses, meaning you can work when it suits you and at a speed that suits you. Not only is all the theory online there is reminders for all the techniques and examples of treatments that you have covered in workshops. This also means you can go back over concepts that don’t stick first time as often as you like.

Although you can work when you like to help you beat the procrastination monster we have a set start and finish date. Within this are fixed hand in dates and set assessment dates. This allows you the freedom to learn when you like but still keep you on track and insure you complete the course.

We have five practical days focused primarily on the practical elements of your sports massage course. Teaching you all the techniques and then helping you to develop them. You will have access to reminder videos online in case you forget one.

Even more you didn’t know about our massage courses.

There are 5 online live seminars throughout the sports massage course covering several concepts that need a little more time. Topics needing that little extra time include, anatomy, ranges of movement and consultations. Here we focus an hour specifically to that topic so it is easier for you in the workshops.

One thing we are very proud of is our class sizes, we have a maximum of 4 learners per course. This means you get the tutors full attention in your workshop days. A tutor will struggle to watch 12 or more people massage. Trust me I’ve done it! With only 4 in the class you get so much more of your tutors time and we can fine tune your massage so much more quickly.

The personal touch.

We don’t just dump you when you’re done. You will get access to your tutor through mentoring after the course whichever way you decide to go. Whether it’s setting up your own business or just treating friends and family. There is no extra charge this is all part of the course.

When needed you can have one to ones with your tutor online. Helping you with those topics you need a little more support with. Tailoring this to fit your specific times and needs.

The procrastination monster out to stop you completing our sports massage courses.

About your tutor.

Your lead tutor is extremely experienced in both sports massage and teaching it. With over twenty years industrial experience and over 10 years teaching experience.

She has worked in professional sporting environments including with team GB athletes, professional clinics and has run her own business from day one of qualifying.

Tamsin is still practicing as a sports massage therapist and has been running her own business for 20+ years.

The financials for our sports massage courses.

Did you know you can split the cost of your course over five payments a deposit and up to 4 installments. You can split it however best suits you. All you need to do is to have completed payments before the end of the course. There is no extra charge for this.

If you sign up 2 months prior to your course starting we give you an early bird discount of £150. Signing up to the combined course 2 months prior to the course starting instead of paying £3000 you end up paying £2450 that’s a saving of £550.

About the qualification you gain.

Our level 3 and 4 Active IQ sports massage qualifications are fully accredited, this means they are to industry standard and are fully insurable.

With your level 3 and 4 sports massage qualification under your belt, as the qualifications are accredited they are recognised with in the industry making you employable.

I’m sure this isn’t everything and as questions get asked or I think of something I will update this blog, I hope you have found this interesting and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or are interested in a course.