So it has been a mammoth journey. Three years, a lot of tea, tears, laughs, frustration, fun and a LOT of hard work, and we have today, hit go on our first official sports massage course! 

We made it

For those who know us, they will understand the emotions we both experienced today… excitement for the future, coupled with a huge amount of relief that we finally made it! 

Supporting the next generation of sports massage therapists

This has been a bigger task than I think either of us realised all that time ago when we first chatted about our ideas. As two tutor practitioners, we both wanted to deliver sports massage courses in a better way than we had been able to previously and in doing so we hoped to support the next generation of sports massage therapists come into the industry in a confident and effective system. 

More video footage than you can imagine

In creating that vision, we have developed more video footage than I ever thought possible (I should know, I edited it!), and have written more questions, scripts and resources than you can ever imagine – unless you do the course! 

Shoulder massage
Sports massage courses

The result of our sports massage courses

The result… a sports massage course, delivered through blended learning to give students opportunities to study in their own time, while still benefiting from face to face contact, expert tuition and ongoing support. We are really proud of what we have created. 

Thank you

I also want to thank Tamsin for sharing a vision, but most importantly for picking up the slack when I’ve over committed myself and keeping me motivated when times are tough. But most importantly I want to thank (and I know Tamsin will join me in this), her husband Paul, our top IT developer, without whom there would be no sports massage courses, just a lot of scripts!!! 

After all this time, I am not sure if we wanted to once again laugh or cry today as we finally hit go and registered our first learners on our level three sports massage course. We are so excited to share this with our learners and hope that this is only the start of what is to come for School of Sports Massage. with some valuable feedback, we will be delivering this for a long time to come! 

Now the hard work begins… teaching!!! 

An edit by Tamsin

And with out Charlotte it wouldn’t of happened either so thank you to you too. Although I have to argue the hard work is done and the teaching is the easy bit!!!!