So with some of our blogs, we talk about sports massage courses, with some the industry and with others they fall very much into discussing our journey; this one most definitely enters the latter category as I reflect on having made it to over half way through our first sports massage course!

Nothing is ever plain sailing, we knew that would be the case as we started out. However, on the whole, I would say that we are really happy with the way the course has run! The content has been well received and we have made little tweaks along the way. One of the benefits of running small courses is that we are able to tweak the timetable and adjust the content of our live sessions to account for learner requests and needs. This has worked really well and hopefully will make a massive difference to our learners long term.

Delivering Small Sports Massage Courses

It has been great to be back delivering! The online live seminars were a new experience for Tamsin and me. I confess, I especially was really nervous for our first one, but it actually went really well! We did do about eight run throughs before, trying to test everything, and ensure the IT and videos worked. This was whilst also worrying about both of our somewhat ‘dodgy’ internet connections at times! Despite this, we had a great time, with lots learnt and our learners really engaging in the session. Since then, the seminars have become a lot smoother, with relatively few IT demons, and only one audio refusing to co-operate!

Man has deep tissue massage on the back.

The fun of teaching anatomy

Teaching anatomy has always been one of the most difficult things to do, namely as a result of the volume of information to take in. we have tried to change the way we do this based on previous experiences, and have looked at muscles in multiple ways, including with a lot of string, blue tac and board pens!!

Fancy a sports massage?

We now have a few more weeks before our final practical weekend. This involves assignments to be submitted, lots of marking for us and recruitment of some ‘bodies’ for our student clinic date. If you are around in Bristol and would like a massage then let us know!

With learners now booked on to our second course, the future is looking really exciting, so onto the next

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