Do we offer sports massage courses for personal trainers? This is a question we get asked a lot, the short answer to this question is yes. Our sports massage courses are suitable for anyone and are a great addition to a personal trainers arsenal. So maybe the question should be as a personal trainer should I do sports massage? Personally I think the answer to this question is yes. So why? 

You will often find personal trainers and sports massage therapists are trained in both. However, they tend to have a leaning towards one discipline or another. Both Charlotte and I are qualified personal trainers which really benefits our sports massage. Our passion without a doubt is in sports massage.

Why does personal training and sports massage go together?

So why do these skills go together so well? This is an easy one. Both sports massage therapists and personal trainers are interested in and have a passion for the human body and the health of it. Both are trying to help the client to become fitter, reduce pain and discomfort and make daily tasks easier.There is a big cross over in knowledge between the two topics covering all the same anatomy and physiology. Another benefit is I have a lot of clients that see a personal trainer as well, which if you offer both is a great way to boost income and add variety to your business. As well as offering your client a complete package.

The other benefit you have here for you client is that you will know your client so much better. This means you will be able to offer them a far better treatment and a greater overall fitness experience than if they saw someone else.

I can see a question arising here, If I’m qualified as a personal trainer why am I not training my clients as well as massaging them? Simple my passion truly lies with sports massage. I added this qualification partly for the knowledge and partly for the ability to be able to offer my clients rehab. Maybe if I was younger I would be doing both!

Sports massage courses for personal trainers

Accredited sports massage qualifications

As a personal trainer you will know the importance of an accredited qualification. We offer the Active IQ level 3 diploma in sports massage therapy and the level 4 certificate in sports massage therapy. Not only are these accredited qualifications, they are also well recognised in the industry.

Sports massage courses for personal trainers

So back to the question of sports massage courses for personal trainers. The courses we offer are perfect for a personal trainer and cover everything you need to know. You have the added bonus of already knowing a lot of the anatomy and physiology making even easier to complete. As a personal trainer it will also make it easy for you to offer rehabilitation programmes for your massage clients. Another benefit of adding sports massage to your repertoire, is it sits well with personal training and you already have a base of clients to work with.

So if you want to add a new dimension to your business sports massage is a great way to go.