My last blog jumped ahead a little looking at how I became the sports massage therapy tutor for the University of Bath. So, I thought I would take a step backwards first and talk about how I got the job at Team Bath Sports Injury Clinic which led to my teaching career. When I started out I did some events free, the local Keynsham 10k where I gained lots of new clients. I also did the Bath half marathon and the Bristol half Marathon.

My roundabout way of ending up at Team Bath

Bath Half Marathon

The Bath half marathon is where I met lots of contacts I made friends and colleagues at this event. I had gone as an independent therapist and was put together with the Team Bath sports injury clinic who were treating for the day. This was a fantastic opportunity as it turned out, I met the lead physio and the lead sports massage therapist for Team Bath. I worked the day with these guys and learnt some stuff from the physio and at the end of the day gave them my business card, never expecting to hear from them again. I ended up doing several Bath half marathon events with Team Bath learning new things and creating networks.

My Interview at Team Bath

Other than the half marathons I didn’t hear from Team bath, then one day I had a call from the lead massage therapist, they were looking for some holiday cover, so I went and covered. Again that was it for a while, then the call came again this time the lead was joining Chelsea football club and they needed to get some staff in. No this wasn’t the lead role this was casual cover.

I went along for my only and worlds worst ever sports massage interview. I was trying to treat the hip flexor while being asked questions by another practitioner because I was looking at the person asking the questions not at what I was doing I ended up doing a bit of a quad rub! Nevertheless, I got the job. My career started in Team Bath Sports Injury Clinic. Eventually my contract changed and I was employed as a member of staff on a part time contract so I could still do my self employed work. I have always maintained my self employed business in sports massage and have kept it going regardless of everything else.

How Doing Things for Free Can Pay Dividends

In short my career at Team Bath came about from doing something free and making the right contacts! If I hadn’t gone to the half marathon and I nearly didn’t I would potentially never have worked at Team Bath. This led onto further opportunities one I have already mentioned the other was a role with English Institute of Sport EIS but I’ll talk about that at another time.

Cycling Event

How Doing Things for Free Can Pay Dividends

I have found most of the events I have been involved in have paid dividends further down the road. I have always gone with the intention of not charging or given the money to the charity of the day. When I talk to the students about starting out I always highlight how important this element is. Firstly you don’t know who you will meet. Secondly you can gain a lot of clients from doing events and many I have had for years. Finally it can be a great way of learning something new.  

I have made some great colleagues and friends along the way many I am still in contact with. I find local small races are best for building a client base and larger events for contacts and potential opportunities. This is just one way of marketing yourself with out spending vast amounts of money.

So that was my very roundabout way of ending up working at Team Bath Injury Clinic. In my next blog I’ll cover some of the work I did at Team Bath and University of Bath.